What's the story of the

Global Greek Influence Podcast?

I am passionate about sharing the message of leading and talented multi-passionate individuals in research and entrepreneurship in innovative future technologies, with the world.

So in December 2019, I launched the Global Greek Influence Podcast in view of unifying the scientific and entrepreneurial diplomatic capital Hellenism sources in its new diaspora and shining a light on untold narratives. Occasionally, the podcast invites guests who provide their different perspectives on matters that unify Hellenism globally. 

Since December 2022, I have been working intensively with emerging PhD holders and doctorates in Science, Technology and Engineering by creating Catalyst-X to launch their professional paths by growing their influence through targeted planning and building a portfolio for their long-term success.


Ready to share a unique and captivating story that sets you apart from the rest?

Feel free to reach out to me at giota@global-greek-influence.com or simply express your interest in becoming a guest on the show. I am excited to connect with you and explore the incredible stories you have to share!