Catalyst-X: Unlocking Innovation Potential

Igniting Innovation and Ideas

Empowering Researchers, Entrepreneurs, and Industry


Bridging the Gap

Catalyst-X removes the barrier between researchers and industry. They translate complex research into clear information, empowering both sides. Researchers gain understanding from potential partners, and industries leverage cutting-edge research for practical solutions. Imagine a seamless flow from scientific discovery to real-world impact. 

Ground-breaking potential: 

Clear communication builds the bridge for innovation. 


Design Thinking

Don't settle for just an idea! Catalyst-X goes beyond traditional consulting with design thinking. This framework refines your concept, identifies challenges, and boosts your success rate. They connect you with the perfect partners to bring your vision to life. By staying ahead of the curve, Catalyst-X fosters an environment where innovation thrives. 

Ground-breaking potential: 

Transform your great idea into a revolutionary product or service.


Elevate your Startup

Building a successful startup requires more than just an idea. Catalyst-X bridges the gap between innovative ideas and thriving businesses. They provide expert mentorship to guide you through entrepreneurship's challenges. Their network connects you with the resources and partners to turn your vision into reality. 

Ground-breaking potential: 

Transform your startup into a thriving business with Catalyst-X's mentorship, innovation support, and industry connections. 


Talent for Industry 

Organizations and industries are missing out on a valuable resource pool - talented PhD graduates. Catalyst-X helps bridge this gap by assisting companies in finding, leveraging, and supporting these highly skilled individuals. By connecting with Catalyst-X, industries can gain access to a wealth of expertise and fresh perspectives, leading to groundbreaking advancements.

Ground-breaking potential: 

Spark innovation in your company by leveraging the power of PhD talent through Catalyst-X.


Tailored Seminars

Looking to upskill your workforce or address specific knowledge gaps within your organization?                    Catalyst-X can deliver custom-designed seminars tailored to your unique needs. This allows you to provide your employees with the most relevant and up-to-date training, fostering a culture of innovation and continuous learning within your company. 

Ground-breaking potential: 

Empower your team to be at the forefront of innovation with Catalyst-X's custom learning solutions. 


Reskilling for Green

The demand for sustainability expertise is skyrocketing. Catalyst-X recognizes this and helps PhD holders in science, engineering, and technology transition into green jobs. They create personalized portfolios showcasing your skills and experience, making you a more attractive candidate for sustainability roles. Plus, upcoming seminars for the latest knowledge.

Ground-breaking potential: 

Become a leader in the green revolution with Catalyst-X's reskilling programs and expertise. 


PhDs & the 5th Revolution  

Catalyst-X offers a vibrant community for PhD candidates and STEM doctorates. This unique network provides invaluable mentorship, allowing you to learn from experienced professionals and unlock limitless career possibilities. They introduce you to synthesis research, a powerful tool for navigating the complexities of the 5th Industrial Revolution. Gain the knowledge and connections to make a meaningful impact on this rapidly evolving technological landscape. 

Ground-breaking potential: 

Become a leader in the 5th Industrial Revolution with Catalyst-X's community, mentorship, and cutting-edge research practices.

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