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Panagiota Pimenidou

Greetings! I am Giota, the Creator and Host behind the Global Greek Influence Podcast. When I first embarked on this adventure, I was just like you—a podcast listener trying to make my mark in empowering science, engineering and technology research while working in academia during the day. But through the inspiring stories shared on this podcast and my own determination to pursue my dreams, nowadays, I dedicate my time to working closely with up-and-coming talents through my e-mentoring program, Catalyst-X.

Together, we craft and launch your very own professional path, post-PhD, amplify your influence through targeted professional development strategies and portfolios, and transform your passion projects into meaningful careers in academia, industry and entrepreneurship. If you are curious about my journey and the journeys of countless incredible Global Greeks in research, innovation and entrepreneurship, I invite you to delve into the podcast! Join me as we embark on a transformative voyage of empowerment and success.